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Creating new sustainable life perspectives.

You are depressed

You feel down, you lose interest in most things, and you experience negative thought patterns. In most cases, these depressive feelings will pass on their own. In the case of depression, however, this may not happen.

Breaking the vicious circle

If these symptoms persist for longer than a month, you might be suffering from a depression. Furthermore, symptoms of depression often differ from person to person. The most common mental health symptoms are difficulty sleeping, loss of interest, a downcast mood, restlessness or slowness, fatigue, concentration and memory loss, loneliness, indecisiveness, thoughts of death, marked weight loss or weight gain.  The Marnes treatment plan for depression starts with an extensive case history and laboratory diagnosis, which takes place in Belgium before admission.

You are depressed

Medical history and laboratory diagnosis

Your Marnes treatment plan for depression starts with the intake procedure (which takes place in Belgium before admission) during which an extensive case history is mapped. At this stage, we explore the circumstances in which the depression emerged. This helps us assess how severe the condition is, how it evolved, and what consequences the depression has on your quality of life. We will also take a look at your current lifestyle to ascertain whether it needs correcting (chronic stress, tension, eating habits, day-to-night rhythm) Also, we will investigate possible underlying causes, such as a history of traumatic experiences.

The intake procedure also includes an extensive laboratory diagnosis.
This laboratory diagnosis can consist of:

  • An analysis of the neurotransmitters.
  • A thorough analysis of the complete endocrine system.
  • Mapping all vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

After this intake procedure, we draft a treatment plan, and your treatment at Marnes can start.

The Marnes treatment plan for depression out can include:

At the Marnes treatment centre, you are a human first and foremost; you are not reduced to just a diagnosis. We create a treatment plan that is engineered around you and looks beyond your depression with special attention for possible underlying causes and personal characteristics.

The Marnes treatment plan for depression can consist of:

  • Administration of the correct supplements for the central nervous system (possibly intravenously)
  • The correct supportive medicine if necessary
  • A form of psychotherapy suited to you.
  • If appropriate, body-oriented trauma therapy such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) somatic experiencing and TRE (Tension Release Exercises).
  • Personal coaching
  • One on one body-oriented treatment to restore a relaxed and positive contact with your own body.
  • An individualised personal training plan (the right movement, while taking care not to work out too intensively, is vital in combatting depression)
  • The teaching of the proper relaxation techniques and/or meditation methods.
  • Couple’s counselling.

The duration of the Marnes treatment plan for depression can vary between four and six weeks.

Marnes is here for you

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