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Our intestine is fundamental to your quality of life

You have chronic intestinal issues

Chronic intestinal issues can make themselves known through numerous complaints in and around the digestive system (for example returning mouth sores, chronic stomach or esophagus problems, chronic digestive problems, spastic colon, bloatedness, windiness, cramps, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, recurrent hemorrhoids). What is less known is that chronic intestinal problems can also be at the basis of chronic fatigue, chronic headaches or skin conditions, different chronic pains and a weakened immune system. In other words: a well-functioning colon is fundamentally important to good health and quality of life.

Five different groups of causes

When we look at the underlying physiopathology of chronic intestinal issues, we can distinguish five different groups of causes, which can often be concurrent:

  • An imbalance in the intestinal flora
  • Food allergies and/or food intolerances
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • A pathogenous intestinal flora
  • Auto-immune conditions

With the Marnes treatment plan for chronic intestinal issues we aim to, first and foremost, detect the underlying physiopathologies, to then treat them all together. We will also take a look at environmental factors that may have caused these pathologies (nutrition, stress, irregular living, sedentary living…) and will adapt these if necessary.

The Marnes treatment plan will start with an extensive case history and laboratory diagnosis in Belgium.


The treatment plan for chronic intestinal issues

Medical history and laboratory diagnosis

Any treatment plan will start with the intake procedure (which will take place in Belgium before admission) with an extensive case history where we will look at the circumstances in which your intestinal issues started (lifestyle, food habits, mental balance, genetic disposition, stress…).
During the intake procedure an extensive laboratory test will be administered, which will comprise:

  • A foodscreen where we look at possible nutritional allergies and intolerances
  • A functional microbiome test to map out the intestinal flora
  • A gut screen to look for possible problems with the immune system
  • A search for toxins in your gut
  • If necessary we will also map your full genetic code

After this intake procedure the treatment plan at Marnes can start.

The treatment plan

After detecting the underlying physiopathologies, we will treat all of them together in Marnes. We will also take a look at environmental factors that may have caused these pathologies (nutrition, stress, irregular living, sedentary living…) and advise you on how to adapt your lifestyle.

The Marnes treatment plan for chronic intestinal issues can include:

  • A tailor-made detoxification plant to detox the intestine (possibly through IVs)
  • An individual nutritional plan
  • Administration of the right food supplements (possibly intravenously)
  • Administration of all necessary digestive enzymes
  • An individualised personal training plan (right and regular movement is very important in combatting chronic intestinal issues)
  • The right emotional support (there is a strong connection between chronic intestinal problems and emotional imbalances)
  • Personal coaching to teach and stimulate the proper nutrition and lifestyle
  • Individualised body-oriented therapy to regain a positive image of and a good connection with the patient’s own body.

The duration of the Marnes treatment for chronic intestinal issues can range from a minimum of 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

When my doctor suggested I go to Marnes for two weeks to give my body and mind a period of rest, I was quite skeptical, but now I am so happy that I did. It has been the best investment of my life. After more than ten years of struggling with intestinal problems, fatigue, migraine and depression, I feel like I have finally been put on the right path. Marnes was a turning point for me. The approach for medical problems is extensive and complete. You are assessed and cared for in so many different ways: through the personal diet (everything is organic!), through individualized physical exercise and body-oriented therapy, through IVs that give you the nutrition you need, though lovely walks in nature… After two weeks, I felt it was really working and I suggested staying for two more weeks. Fortunately I was able to do that and in those weeks I made a whole new way of living and thinking for myself

Mia D, 43, interior decorator

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