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Regain your energy

You suffer from chronic fatigue

How is it that chronic fatigue is often mistreated and that patient sometimes desperately go from one doctor to another with their complaints? This is because the cause of lowering energy levels - and the ensuing chronic fatigue - are a complex interplay of different bodily functions which can be disrupted by a range of factors. A domino effect is created, where one disrupted bodily function disrupts yet another function, which causes new imbalances.

In cases of chronic fatigue, different bodily functions can play a role: the central nervous system, the digestive system, the endocrine system and the immune system.

  • Imbalances in the central nervous system can have serious consequences, given that the central nervous system steers all our bodily functions.
  • Imbalances in the digestive system can be the cause of insufficient nutrients being absorbed by the body and harmful substances being absorbed instead, after which they start behaving as toxins in the body.
  • Imbalances in the endocrine (hormonal) system can be at the basis of disturbed anti-stress reactions, disruption in basal temperature and the management of sexual functions and sleeping rhythms.
  • Imbalances in the immune system can cause either lowered resistance to small and large ailments and infections, or an overactive immune system, which causes certain cells or tissues to be seen as foreign and attacked by the immune system. This last condition is called autoimmunity.

It is important to know that different imbalances in the body can in turn disrupt the body’s steering mechanisms. This way, a vicious circle is entered, where it is even more difficult to discern cause from effect.

Domino effect

The key word for chronic fatigue, here, is imbalance. These are subtle disruptions in the body’s balance, which are difficult to detect through typical physical exams (a basic blood test, imaging, clinical research etcetera). The domino effect results from of a number of smaller imbalances but can cause you to lose balance completely and burn a lot more energy than you could possibly take in from food, recuperative sleep and sunlight.

Furthermore, we can see that there are a number of external factors (toxins in the body, certain medications, bad nutrition or heavy metals) can also have a negative impact on different bodily functions.

In short, there is a whole host of factors that can negatively influence a patient’s energy levels. Taking apart all these different factors really is detective’s work. Dr Aelbrecht’s approach and that of his team consist in mapping out all possible factors and causes and attempt to influence these positively and treat them, so as to restore the patient’s balance. It’s obvious that we can only attempt this from a holistic point of view: we don’t treat these complaints as separate, but look at the person as a whole, both mind and body.

The Marnes treatment plan starts with an extensive case history and laboratory diagnosis, which take place in Belgium before admission.

You suffer from chronic fatigue

Medical history and laboratory diagnosis

The treatment plan for chronic fatigue starts during the intake procedure (which takes place in Belgium before admission) with an extensive case history, where we examine the circumstances in which the declining energy levels originated and how they evolved (did the patient’s energy lessen over time or did the symptoms arise suddenly after disease or certain experiences?). We will also take a look at your lifestyle to see if corrections can be made (chronic stress, eating patterns, day-to-night rhythm…). We will also examine whether any past traumatic experiences may have played a role.
During the intake procedure, an extensive laboratory analysis is also done. This analysis may comprise:

  • An analysis of the complete endocrine system
  • Ascertaining the levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.
  • A brain screen that maps the neurotransmitters
  • Detecting any possible food allergies or intolerance
  • A functional microbiome test (to look at the intestinal flora)
  • An immuno-screen to investigate any possible immunity disorders
  • Examining any toxins (heavy metals, dioxins, PCB’s…) that may be present in the body.
  • If necessary, we can map your complete genetic code.

The Marnes treatment plan for chronic fatigue can include:

  • An individualised detox plan if necessary (possibly intravenously)
  • A tailor-made energy-raising nutritional plan
  • Administering of the necessary food supplements (possibly intravenously)
  • An individualised personal training plan (the right movement, while taking care not to work out too intensively, is vital in combatting chronic fatigue)
  • The right emotional support to counteract any emotional imbalances.
  • Personal coaching to teach and stimulate different nutrition and lifestyle
  • Individualised body-oriented therapy to restore the patient’s contact with their own body.
  • If necessary, endocrine imbalances can be corrected by natural bio-identical hormonal substitution.
  • Regenerative cell therapy if necessary.

The duration of the Marnes treatment plan for chronic fatigue can range from a minimum of two weeks to six weeks.

For years I believed that my fatigue was ‘normal’: I was working hard and I was in my late forties. But after a while I was dragging myself out of bed in the morning, I could barely concentrate during the day and fell asleep at eight o clock in front of the television. I didn’t have ‘drive’ or lust for life anymore. My GP advised me to work less and recommended all kinds of temporary solutions. Through a friend I got into contact with Dr Aelbrecht. He really examined my whole life: my eating habits, all my activities, the quality of my sleep, my emotions, etc. From the laboratory analysis, I learned that I had a leaky gut, that my immune system was seriously weakened and that I had a shortage of testosteron. I decided it was time to really get a handle on my health, I took a month of work and went to Marnes for four weeks. I became acquainted with completely different ways of eating. I received intravenous treatment with high doses of vitamins, minerals and bio-identical hormones on a regular basis. I was taught simple yoga exercises and found that, little by little, I regained my lust for life.

Michel M, 49, sales director at a luxury housing builder

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