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Our expertise will shorten your recovery time and lessen your chances of relapse

You are experiencing burn-out

The big issues with burn out are often the long recovery time (the average duration of recovery through out-patient treatment is between six and twelve months), the large relapse rate and the lack of sufficient experience and expertise with its treatment.

More than 20 years of experience

After more than 20 years of experience treating burn out patients in an out-patient setting, Dr Aelbrecht concluded that sometimes, this type of therapy is not enough to meet the true needs of burn out patients and that residential therapy in a customised centre is the best guarantee for both lasting recovery and a significantly shorter recovery period. With this in mind, the Marnes resort was established. The Marnes treatment plan starts with an extensive case history and laboratory diagnosis, that take place in Belgium before admission.

You are experiencing burn-out

Medical history and laboratory diagnosis

The treatment plan for burn out starts during the intake procedure (which takes place in Belgium before admission) with an extensive case history, where the circumstances that led to the burn out are investigated and its evolution is studied (did the burn-out arise slowly or did it come right after a specific occurrence or emotional shock?). We will also take our patients’ lifestyles into account to see whether there is room for improvement (chronic stress, tension, eating patterns, sleeping rhythm, family circumstances…). Alongside this, we will look at whether any traumatic experiences from the past may have played a role.

As part of the intake procedure, an extensive laboratory diagnosis will also take place. This laboratory analysis can consist of:

  • A brain screen that maps the neurotransmitters
  • A thorough analysis of the complete endocrine system
  • A specific hormonal examination that will look at the balance of pro- and anti-stress hormones
  • An evaluation of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids in the body.

The Marnes treatment plan for burn out can include:

  • First and foremost enough rest for the mind and enough relaxation for the body
  • The right emotional support
  • Together with a therapist, evaluate what can be optimised in the lifestyle of the patient
  • A tailor-made energy-raising nutritional plan
  • Administration of the right food supplements (possibly intravenously)
  • An individualised personal training plan (the right movement, while taking care not to work out too intensively, is vital in combatting burn out)
  • Body-oriented trauma therapy if required
  • Individualised body-oriented therapy to regain a positive image of and a good connection with the patient’s own body.

The duration of the Marnes treatment plan for burn out can range from a minimum of two weeks to six weeks.

‘I was referred to Marnes by my doctor after I had been home for eight months with a bad burn out without improvement in sight. I cannot compare Marnes to anything else. It is not a wellness centre, because medicine is practiced there. It is not a hospital or a classic rehab centre, but everything that happens, happens to help your ‘healing process’. What I remember the most was the personal attention I got from morning until evening and the cosy atmosphere. After three weeks in Marnes, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I started feeling something that you could call ‘energy’ again, a feeling I hadn’t had in a really long time. I started to feel like walking again, I wanted to read, to talk to people. I don’t know if it was because of the intravenous therapies with high doses of supplements, because of the (tasty!) food I was served, or because of the positive conversations with the personal coach? I think it was the combination of rest, nature, the correct diet and the enthusiasm of the staff and the doctors that made the difference for me.’

John C., 52, director of a small business

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