Marnes has taken all measures in order to operate in accordance with the general limitations imposed by the Spanish Health Authorities. All Marnes employees have been informed of the compliance of the described protocols and the requirement to comply with them.

Experience and expertise at your service

The Marnes team

Dr Peter Aelbrecht is the principal doctor and responsible for the composition and supervision of all patient treatment plans. He is also available at the resort for consultations, together with another doctor. Dr Aelbrecht is responsible for the supervision of the intake procedure, he will conduct the majority of the intake conversations himself and will also interpret the lab results that are necessary for making the right diagnosis. Furthermore, he will take care of the ongoing contact with the referring doctor (with permission of the patient) and will consult with the different therapists (body therapists, psychotherapist and trauma therapist) and other team members (personal trainer, nutritional expert etc) about your personal treatment plan.

– Nurse

The nurse will work in close collaboration with the principal doctor and the secondary doctor, will take care of the administration of any intravenous therapies, he or she is your go-to person for any medical question or complaint and will be in residence at the resort. In this way, they will also take care of the night shift (at night there will be a doctor on stand by in the vicinity of the resort).

– Psychotherapist

You can visit a psychotherapist or trauma therapist at the resort, and not only on the advice of Dr Aelbrecht, but also if you feel like you might need to in the moment. This therapist will be a point of contact for all your mental and emotional needs.

– Therapists

Two therapists will provide body oriented therapy and other beneficial physical treatments, so as to revive your connection with your body and improve your presence in your body. Through body-oriented therapy, patients might also tackle emotional or mental issues.

– Personal trainer

A personal trainer will be at your disposal for a tailor made exercise program to improve your endurance and guide you to finding the right form of exercise for you and your health.

– Nutritional expert

A nutritional expert will oversee your individual nutritional plan and work in coordination with the kitchen.

– Coach

Group activities will be coordinated by a yoga teacher, a meditation coach, a walking coach and a member of staff who will provide aerobics and aqua gym.

– Host/Hostess

Finally, the host and hostess have a special place in our resort. These two people will make sure that you can feel at home with us, and will be your point of contact for all your non-medical needs and worries. They will be ready to help you will all your practical concerns or just for a good conversation.

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