Marnes has taken all measures in order to operate in accordance with the general limitations imposed by the Spanish Health Authorities. All Marnes employees have been informed of the compliance of the described protocols and the requirement to comply with them.

A unique location, where nature contributes to your recovery

Marnes is a tiny town in the south of Spain, with a unique location in the mountains, with the Costa Blanca only a short drive away. Our location is a true and quiet oasis. There is no passing traffic, nor industry or industrial agriculture in the wider area. In other words, there is no pollution of any kind. You will only find nature itself in her most pristine form.

Presence of a strong energy path

Marnes enjoys a micro climate that is temperate throughout the year. There is no electricity net and so no electro smog. The World Health Organization has declared the area the healthiest in the whole of Europe. All these factors will greatly benefit your recovery. On top of that, the domain is crossed by a Ley line, which indicates the presence of a strong energy path, phenomena which can also be found near the Egyptian pyramids or in Stonehenge, and which make Marnes a healing place.

In short, Marnes is a therapeutic place, where all natural elements that can aid in your recovery or healing come together and are integrated in the treatment program.

Marnes rooms

The Marnes resort consists of a large, cosy and quiet classic Spanish villa with twelve luxury rooms.

There are four types of rooms:

  • Two luxury rooms with a private garden and outside showers
  • Two luxury rooms with a large private sun deck
  • Two luxury rooms with a large balcony
  • Six luxury rooms without a balcony

Marnes facilities

Your stay is a special period of time. The way to a new future. We would like you to look back on Marnes with a warm feeling and will provide you with the best facilities.

Free time during your stay will mainly be spent outside, around the large terrace by the pool.

Marnes is here for you