Marnes has taken all measures in order to operate in accordance with the general limitations imposed by the Spanish Health Authorities. All Marnes employees have been informed of the compliance of the described protocols and the requirement to comply with them.

For those with a lack of energy and everyone striving for optimal health and quality of life

The science of recovery

Marnes offers residential treatment for those of us who have seen their quality of life seriously diminished by chronic ailments, such as chronic fatigue, burnout, fibromyalgia or chronic intestinal issues. A lot of our guests have a long road behind them, ranging from underestimating or disregarding their symptoms to erroneous diagnoses or useless treatment. Oftentimes, those who come to Marnes not only suffer from fatigue, but also from depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder. Mental health issues and chronic fatigue often go hand in hand. Our team is comprised of health care professionals who have been trained in different fields and are familiar with a range of issues.

Marnes also offers very effective recovery programs and relapse prevention for those suffering from or recovering from cancer after chemotherapy. If there is availability, we are also open to those who would like to stay with us for general or mental health prevention.

We offer treatment programs for the following issues:

You suffer from chronic fatigue

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You are experiencing burn-out

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You suffer from fibromyalgia

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You are recovering from chemotherapy

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You would like to undergo trauma therapy

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You have chronic intestinal issues

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You are depressed

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Post Covid-19 recovery

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Your Marnes journey

Intake procedure

You can start the intake procedure through one of our doctors or obtain a referral through your GP

Stay in Marnes

Your treatment plan will start from the day of your arrival: the diagnostic intake procedure will happen in Belgium before admission Each individual treatment plan will be established on the basis of an extensive diagnosis, which will happen with the newest laboratory analyses in functional and nutritional biology.


A successful recovery and lasting results require dedication and daily work. Because we are very well aware of this, we will provide help and support, also after your stay at Marnes ends.

Discover aftercare

Marnes is much more than a place for recovery. You are pampered there, you are listened to, your needs as an individual are taken into account. I’m not much of a people-person, but I attended a few lectures and workshops about ‘anti toxic food’ and ‘energetic movement’ aside from my personal program. The therapists are all very friendly and helpful and that really feels good. After my two week stay, I received coaching through Marnes Aftercare and they sent me encouraging emails with recipes for my new nutritional plan. It’s also good to know that I can always contact one of the experts if I have any questions.

Mark S., 49, lecturer