Marnes has taken all measures in order to operate in accordance with the general limitations imposed by the Spanish Health Authorities. All Marnes employees have been informed of the compliance of the described protocols and the requirement to comply with them.

If you have any questions, please see if we have already answered them below.

Our treatment program is not based on an exact number of days, but is based on the individual needs of our guests. Because we give priority to individualized treatments, the doctor will not only evaluate the ideal duration of a stay during the initial intake conversation, but will also look at the specific situation, needs and wishes of any future guest. As it is our mission to put results ahead in our work, we suggest a minimum stay of two weeks.

Some guests stay longer than others because our treatment is individualized and works differently for every person. The intake procedure is comprised of a conversation, clinical tests and laboratory analysis, and will give you an indication of the treatment time we suggest for optimal, long-lasting results. Different chronic ailments will require a different approach as they often have physical, emotional, as well as psychological aspects. For those individuals with more complex problems, the treatment may also take longer because different factors have to be taken into account, from physical and mental health issues, to relapse prevention, stress resistance, a change in diet, restarting work etcetera. Patients who are recovering or have recovered from cancer, for example, will require a completely different treatment from those suffering from burnout.

Our approach is multidisciplinary, evidence-based, innovative and strongly individualized, based on the fact that chronic conditions are often very complex and that true recovery is only possible though a 100% individualized treatment plan. Furthermore, all our recovery programs are based on a holistic philosophy, with equal attention paid to the body, the mind and the spirit.

The big difference with other existing therapies can also be found in our goal to achieve a lasting result. We do not only make sure your energy levels improve markedly, but also that your quality of life improves permanently. The treatment does not end when your stay at Marnes does. All our guests can count on extensive aftercare. Both the treatment and the aftercare program are put together by the team of dr Peter Aelbrecht.

Lastly, Marnes has its unique location as an asset, which on its own has a therapeutic effect.

Before you start treatment in Marnes, an extensive in take procedure will take place in Belgium or In the Netherlands  (a case history, physical exam, laboratory analysis) with one of our doctors, on the basis of which we will put together a personalized treatment program. This treatment plan will be a combination of an individualized diet, dietary supplements, medication with intravenous therapy if necessary, individual coaching, body-oriented therapy, personal training etcetera.

From the moment both you and our team are convinced that the Marnes program can help you, we will pick a check in date for you. Dependent on the urgency of your situation, you will be able to start the program sooner rather than later. We understand that a lot of people who struggle with their energy levels have an urgent need for a fast solution to their problems and we do everything in our power to help everyone as soon as possible. Because we are a small project with a strong emphasis on individual treatments, the number of guests is limited and you should take a waiting period into account. We do however keep spaces available for a few ‘emergency admissions’ to help those with very urgent problems.

From the moment we have set your admission date, we can arrange flight tickets for you (you can obviously arrange your own tickets if you prefer). Upon arrival in Alicante (the nearest airport with a flight time of two hours from Brussels) we will await you at the airport and bring you to the clinic. In Marnes, you will be introduced to the members of our team, who will assist you with great care during your stay.

Certainly. Many people who come to Marnes do not only struggle with fatigue, but also with depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder. Mental health issues and chronic fatigue often go hand in hand. A lot of our guests already have a long road behind them, with erroneous diagnoses and useless or ineffective treatments. Our team is comprised of carers who have been trained in different health care fields. We are familiar with these issues.

Marnes also offers very effective recovery programs and relapse prevention for those suffering from or recovering from cancer after chemotherapy. If there is availability, we are also open to those who would like to stay with us for general or mental health prevention.

A successful recovery and lasting results will require your dedication and daily commitment. Especially in the first days after leaving Marnes, this will be a challenge. Because we are very aware of this, we will provide help and support, including after your stay. Our programs and services are geared towards maintaining the progress you will have made during your stay and to help you maintain the healthy lifestyle we promote. We will make sure that, if you are so inclined, you can remain in contact with Marnes Aftercare, so you can work on your own recovery every single day.

If and when our medical team determines that your recovery will be helped by your partner’s presence, this can certainly be discussed. Out of experience, however, we know that the program works best if you start with it individually. Of course your partner and or other family members can visit you during one or multiple days of your stay. If need be, we can put together an alternative, tourism-based program for your partner.

Because rest and recovery have primacy in Marnes, we want to limit the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops to a minimum. Nevertheless, you will not be completely cut off from the outside world during your stay. Our staff members will make sure that you will be able to contact your loved ones during set times. There will be WiFi, but it will be time-limited.

We believe that the added value and strength of our program is in the combination of our evidence-based therapies and a personal approach. That is why we would like to get to know you and your health issues during a one-to-one conversation, to determine whether Marnes could be a solution for you and which therapies might work best for you. Before we can admit you, we will carry out an extensive screening with blood work to determine your personal program.

We give a high importance to discretion at Marnes and treat all of our guests with the utmost respect. If you would like to have a completely private treatment at our centre because of health reasons or personal preference, we can house you in a separate part of our domain, dependent on availability, so you can enjoy all treatments in the privacy of your own space, where you can also stay with your partner if you wish.

We have searched for the ideal location for our residential treatment centre for over ten years, and in Marnes, a very small town in southern Spain, all the pieces of the puzzle came together. It has a unique location between the mountains and the coast. It enjoys a temperate micro-climate during the whole year. There is no electricity net and therefore no electro smog. There is no busy traffic in the wider area, no industry and no industrial agriculture. The World Health Organization has named the are the most healthy in the whole of Europe. All these factors will contribute to your recovery. Furthermore, the domain of the resort is crossed by a Ley line. This indicates the presence of a strong energy line, which can also be found in the locations of the Egyptian pyramids or Stonehenge, for example, and make Marnes a very healing place.

All these advantages can be enjoyed in Marnes, but aside from those we would like to be and remain climate-neutral. We operate on 100% solar energy. We have also entered into cooperation with the local community to support local culture and social life. We have invested in nearby agricultural land to establish a Marnes Foundation which will engage in organic agriculture and permaculture. All produce in the Marnes kitchen are locally grown and organic.

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