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Dr Peter Aelbrecht’s dream

30 years of expertise with optimal health

Marnes is the result of the dream and passion of Belgian doctor Peter Aelbrecht, who has almost thirty years of medical experience in the area of quality-of-life and optimal health. He has primarily specialised in the treatment of chronic lack of energy, primary and secondary cancer prevention and mental health. Together with a multidisciplinary team of medical and paramedical experts, he runs a practice in Belgium where he offers very successful outpatient treatment with lasting results.

Dr. Aelbrecht:

‘I noticed throughout the years that outpatient treatment was not enough of a solution for a growing number of patients and that sometimes, residential treatment is necessary to better help these people. In my search for places to refer my patients, I found not a single residential centre that offered a treatment that fit with my holistic vision and multidisciplinary approach. Apparently there were also no specific rehabilitation treatments with detoxification for people recovering from cancer.

For fifteen years now, I have been planning to start a residential treatment centre for people who have serious, chronic quality of life issues. It was my wish to locate this centre in a unique location (in the middle of nature and in an energetically beneficial place) where people could feel at home and be received with an open mind, from the point of view that the body, the mind and the soul are one. Over the last ten years, I’ve spent my holidays looking for the best spot for residential treatment. I have been working on perfecting residential treatment plans and have surrounded myself with an experienced, multidisciplinary team of medical professionals, paramedical carers and therapists with complimentary skills. This is how the Marnes resort came to be.’


The individualised, multidisciplinary approach Dr Aelbrecht espouses, starts from a holistic vision: a person is not his or her disease, but forms a whole, with a body, a mind, and a soul. Together with his team, the work he does is evidence-based and in it, he uses the most innovative treatments and the newest laboratory analyses in functional and nutritional biology, together with complimentary proven therapies.

Dr Aelbrecht is also known from his best-selling book Power Up.

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