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Kim shares how she achieved a breakthrough in Marnes after 6 years of illness.

After being ill for more than 6 years due to the terrible effects of the HPV vaccine, I finally recovered!

At the age of 14, I was given an HPV vaccine three times, supposedly to protect me from cervical cancer, not knowing that it almost cost me my life in a very short time….

It took me years before the people who surrounded me and cared for me knew what was going on with me & could do something for me….

This is how I met Dr Jo Linmans in February 2018.

“It may take a long time but I won’t let you go. With these words, my doctor and I went for it together”.

This wonderful man has meant a lot to me. He suspected what was going on. He said to me from the first meeting: “Kim, I can’t promise you that I will succeed but we will go for it together. Be patient, with the results of the blood test, we started supplementing my deficits with homeopathic natural remedies, and by using intravenous therapy, we disrupted the HPV vaccine and fought to destroy the bacteria of Lyme disease. 

The new results showed that the shortages had been replenished and bacteria disappeared.

Quietly I was doing better but unfortunately, I did not get the real strength back….

In October 2019 I heard that in November he had been invited in Marnes the centre of Dr. Peter Aelbrecht to come and have a look what Marnes has to offer.

When he got back from this he told me how he had had it and asked me how I thought about going there.

I didn’t have to think long about this after everything I had achieved together with Jo, I had the feeling that this could be a nice addition to my healing.

We contacted Peter the same day 4 days later and I was already in Belgium with him for an interview and he told me that I had been very sensitive to the HPV vaccine and that I had gone into a certain “shock state” that I wouldn’t be able to get out of myself. 

Dr. Aelbrecht believed that in 4 weeks of treatment at the Marnes centre, we could really make progress.

05-01’2020 : a day never to be forgotten.

2 weeks later, at 05-01’2020, I left for Marnes and started my 4 week stay : a day to remember.

I said goodbye to my parents & sister. For four weeks we wouldn’t see or speak to each other anymore.  A sad moment, but it could be the beginning of something very beautiful and that gave me strength.

When I arrived in Marnes I couldn’t believe my eyes: a quiet and healing place. 

So beautifully situated in the middle of nature. 

I was welcomed with open arms by the hostess Caro who showed me my room the little tower room with a beautiful view.

Soon Peter came by to see how I was doing, it felt so nice how you were received by all these people from Marnes that you soon felt at ease.

During lunch I met the other guests here, each one has his own story but we were there for the same reason.

It took some getting used to. The antitoxic eating plan with dishes like fish that I never dared to eat before. But… how much I enjoyed the dishes! 

Sunday is a rest day in Marnes and from Monday to Saturday you have your own schedule with sessions from psycho-therapy and intavenous-therapy to bodywork and personal training and yoga together, relaxations, walks and breakfast, lunch & dinner together.

Every Sunday in the afternoon something creative was organised in which you were free to participate. For example, I did some fine therapeutic painting with Ann (art therapist) Peter’s wife.

Saturday evening was always a special evening. Then José, a Spanish musician, came to sing songs especially for us with his guitar and we got … dessert! 

After a few days I already felt so much better in a quiet & healing place with so many loving people around me I could heal.

When you had a moment for yourself you could retreat to your room, take a spot outside by the pool or enjoy the sauna, jacuzzi and extra pool in the spa.

I had nice conversations with Johanna Pien, I was nicely cared for by the ladies Marthe & Leen, I enjoyed the shiatsu massage of Damian and the energetic treatments of Montse with which I also danced, the boxing with Joey, the yoga & relaxations of the ladies Julie the daughter of Peter, and Jutta who treated me with bio-puncture at the place of vaccination. I also have wonderful memories of Chrisje, the cooks for the delicious dishes, the ladies of the kitchen & the cleaning ladies for the good care.

Caro & Marc the hostess & hostess who have always been there for you and Mo, Diana, Eagle, An & Peter not to forget!

Also Jo, my doctor, has been in Marnes for a few days to replace Peter very special to have lived this with him!

Marnes brought me so much, after a few days I already felt so much better in a quiet and soothing place with so many loving people around me that I could heal!

I was able to let go of many things that were still so deep that we shared love and suffering and I am very grateful!

02-02’2020 was the day my 4 week stay in Marnes ended. I shed a tear after four weeks and finally took my parents and sister back into my arms. It was very moving for them to see their daughter and sister come back like that. Seeing me shine again after 6 years, it did them so much good?

I don’t need to survive, but I can live again.

Once you get back home, you have to get used to it.  You come from such a calm environment where you receive support from all sides, then comes the time when you have to find the strength to carry on with what you have received. It is not easy, but I am proud of my success. 

I felt like a faded flower, but in the meantime it has turned into a beautiful lotus flower.

I no longer need to survive, but I have the right to live again.

Some of the scars from my past will not heal any more, but fortunately they have faded away.

From this difficult time I draw the strength to continue and enjoy my future.  I am inspired by Jutta Borms and also by Chris and Julie to continue yoga.  Yoga gives me so much every day that I hope to become a yoga teacher myself!

I would like to give it to everyone who goes to Marnes.  With my story, I hope I have been able to give you some hope and wish you lots of strength and love!

Warm regards

Kim van Kleinebreugel

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