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Belgian physician gives people suffering from serious energy problems new perspectives on sustainable recovery

“If it wasn’t for my own burn-out, Marnes wouldn’t have been here today.

Since a few months people with burn-out, CFS and other serious energy problems can go to Marnes, a small-scale medical resort in the unspoiled nature of the Spanish mountains on the Costa Blanca. Here they receive all the attention, therapies and medical care they need to recover sustainably for a few weeks.

Marnes is the result of a long-standing dream of the Belgian doctor Peter Aelbrecht, who 25 years ago himself was confronted with a severe burnout. I was on the verge of total exhaustion, but nowhere did I find adequate help,’ Dr. Aelbrecht (54) tells us. Nor did I find any doctor or body who could really help me, because the classic approach to energy problems is usually limited to fighting symptoms: sleeping pills to sleep better, extra vitamins to stay on your feet, antidepressants to make you feel better’.

So Dr. Aelbrecht started researching solutions
to tackle energy problems at the roots. It became his passion to be able to give people with burnout, chronic fatigue, depression, chronic digestive problems and anyone suffering from fatigue back their original quality of life. He came to understand that fatigue is caused by various imbalances: in the central nervous system, in the digestive system, in the hormonal system. An insight and approach that Dr. Aelbrecht also explains very clearly in his bestseller Homo Energeticus.

In all of his patients, his approach consists of examining down to the smallest detail where system-imbalances occur and these are then tackled step by step. This precision strategy is a laborious process, but the results prove that this is the right approach. It works.
Some patients can be helped on an outpatient basis, but there are people whose balances are so disturbed that they need more intensive therapy.

In Marnes these patients receive residential therapy for two, four or sometimes even six weeks, which is so intensive that their condition improves tangibly in a relatively short period of time,’ says Dr. Aelbrecht.

Unique concept with sustainable results

Nowhere else in the world is there a medical centre where chronically tired people receive such intensive and multidisciplinary treatment. Every patient receives personalised care and attention. We work according to the acceptance principle: no one here has to prove that he or she is ill,’ says Dr. Aelbrecht.

The centre offers psychotherapy, trauma therapy and body-oriented therapy. In addition, we work out a sophisticated therapeutic nutrition plan for each patient (which our chefs creatively translate into tasty organic dishes) and draw up an exercise programme for each guest with our personal trainer. On the basis of thorough blood analyses, everyone receives the necessary extra vitamins, minerals and bio-identical hormones, often intravenously. The daily yoga and meditation sessions, silence walks and the setting (nature, garden, swimming pool, spa) ensure that the guests can also optimally relax after their daily program. Every detail is 100% focused on achieving optimal and sustainable recovery’.

A centre with a homely feeling

Because care must not end with a stay in Marnes, we have provided very comprehensive aftercare, so that we can continue to monitor all patients medically and provide long-term support to continue their new, healthy way of life. One of the ways we do this is via a high- tech aftercare app, with which we track their condition remotely. This way they all ways feel connected and supported.

‘We are now also being approached by empathic HR departments and CEOs to help their employees recover from, chemotherapy or burn-out.’

Dr Peter Aelbrecht


Since its launch this year, people keep asking us the same question: Why didn’t this exist before? “Well, without my own burn-out Marnes would never have seen the light,” says Dr. Aelbrecht. In the meantime, Marnes not only finds resonance among patients and colleagues doctors, the centre is now also being used by HR departments and visionary CEOs to help employees return to their original energy and quality of life after severe chemotherapy or burnout. And that is not only a pleasant surprise, but above all very inspiring for myself and the whole team’.

The book Homo Energeticus

Overcome Your Tiredness and restore the balance in your brain, hormones and intestine

Published by Manteau.
Available in bookstores.

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