Marnes has taken all measures in order to operate in accordance with the general limitations imposed by the Spanish Health Authorities. All Marnes employees have been informed of the compliance of the described protocols and the requirement to comply with them.

Your treatment plan does not end when your stay at marnes does

A comprehensive aftercare plan

Your treatment plan does not end after your stay at the Marnes resort does. The Marnes team has put together an aftercare program to follow up on all patients and assist them during their recovery. In this way, we can accomplish a lasting result over the long term.

How does it work?

When you leave Marnes, you will receive a personal code that will give you access to the Marnes aftercare app.
Through this app, which is built with the newest technologies, you will regularly receive:

  • New recipes that will fit into your individualised nutritional plan
  • Tips to keep up with your nutritional plan
  • Personalised exercise plans to continue your personal training schedule at home, where you will be observed remotely through a heart rate monitor.

Through this app, you will be able to communicate specific health and quality-of-life parameters to our team at set times. In this way, we can remotely observe your progress, so that we can guide you and, if necessary, intervene.

What can you expect from the Marnes team after your stay?

Follow up

We will contact you when we detect significant changes in your health parameters, which we will receive through the app.


If necessary, we will provide you with an adjusted personalised nutritional plan.

Nutritional plan

We can adapt your personal training program to your needs.


We can advise you on any necessary food supplements.


We can advise you on any additional laboratory testing.


We will invite you for an outpatient consultation with one of our doctors in Belgium.


We can refer you to therapists connected to the Marnes project.


Marnes is much more than a place for recovery. You are pampered there, you are listened to, your needs as an individual are taken into account. I’m not much of a people-person, but I attended a few lectures and workshops about ‘anti toxic food’ and ‘energetic movement’ aside from my personal program. The therapists are all very friendly and helpful and that really feels good. After my two week stay, I received coaching through Marnes Aftercare and they sent me encouraging emails with recipes for my new nutritional plan. It’s also good to know that I can always contact one of the experts if I have any questions.

Mark S., 49, lecturer